Staff of Attorneys

Attorney Caroline LangleyCaroline Langley

I have lived and traveled all over the world, so an affinity for international work was always a given. From London to Tokyo to San Francisco and Hong Kong, I have always been entranced by the interaction of cultures, customs and religions. Nelson Mandela said: "there can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children" and that is my focus when I approach a case of international parental child abduction, international divorce or international child custody.

I approach each case with the same level of intense attention to detail that served me well in my first career as a scientist. I love nothing more than examining the finest details of the law under a microscopic lens, applying the findings to my case, and arguing the matter persuasively. I am fortunate to practice in an area of law that keeps me constantly challenged.


Attorney Alice ArnoldAlice Proskauer Arnold

As far back as I can recall, one of the guiding meanings in my life has been to help children and families. My professional life has focused on family law and representation of children as a guardian ad litem (court appointed attorney representing the best interests of the minor) in foster care and delinquency proceedings. Concurrently with this work, I have been fascinated with the complexities of international law from policy, diplomatic, and cultural perspectives.

Growing up as the daughter of a diplomat, my first hand knowledge of varied cultures serves me well in my work with Family Law International, in particular with regard to matters involving the Hague Convention. The principles that guide my legal representation are to assist my client in resolving conflict in a way that minimizes trauma for the child(ren), particularly where a parental kidnapping has occurred. If that is not possible, to zealously, strategically, and aggressively litigate.

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Attorney Christina FiflisChristina A. Fiflis

My practice, for the past several years, has focused on immigration and nationality law. I represent hundreds of clients from all over the world with myriad international immigration issues.

The most rewarding aspect of my work is accomplishing security and peace of mind for my clients. I have studied and travelled extensively, domestically and internationally, and as a lawyer have developed a keen respect for the rule of law and its application to the betterment of the human condition. In addition to my participation in various organizations related to my practice, I serve as Vice President of SalusWorld, a non-profit organization whose mission is to stand with victims, humanitarian workers and other activists to facilitate a return to a healthy emotional life after setback due to loss or injury caused by war, political conflict, natural disaster and epidemics.

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Attorney Jonathan BookerJonathan R. Booker

My pursuit of continuing education in the area of international law has led me attend universities in several states and to travel extensively throughout Europe and Central America. Therefore, I have always known I would practice in the arena of international law, but I had no idea I would be fortunate enough to focus that practice on protecting children at the center of international custody disputes.

I aim to provide my clients with uniquely personal representation, centered around assisting them in successfully navigating the complexities of their international divorce and child custody matters. I strongly believe in always maintaining open lines of communication, and being mindful of the intense and passionate emotions that accompany international family disputes.


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