"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children."

—Nelson Mandela


Family Law International has successfully secured the release of this innocent child back to his homeland of South Africa. ( Picture courtesy of our client, N.M. whose son, pictured here with Nelson Mandela, has been abducted.)

Family Law International

Family Law International is a consortium of lawyers and attorneys dedicated to creating solutions for legal issues encountered by our ever growing globalized society through strategic personal planning, litigation, and conflict resolution. We approach each case on a team basis to provide a multi disciplinary service of the highest caliber. In essence we are an international private client law firm offering the full range of expat legal services.

As a consortium, rather than a traditional law firm model, our international family, immigration, estate and tax attorneys work together to maximize efficiency and minimize client cost. Our network of attorneys all over the world, allows us to tackle any problem in any country.

Strategic Personal Planning

A parent's primary obligation is to love their children and to provide a stable and nurturing environment in which they may grow and thrive. All of the parameters of an environment that has been destabilized by the failure of a partnership or marriage must be carefully evaluated. A situation involving international divorce and international child custody can be particularly fraught with overlapping and often conflicting laws and treaties. Parenting time must be considered in conjunction with consequences of international immigration, international tax and estate planning so as to ensure a child's long term stability.

Global Litigation

When the emotion of the demise of a union remains inextricably linked to the business of dissolution, the necessity of seeking a judicial decision becomes a reality. For example, an international parental child abduction case is heard on an expedited basis before the Court in the "taking" country. Our team is highly versed in acting quickly and litigating cases from initial pleadings to appearing before a spectrum of courts, including the court of appeals. Advocacy is a specialty in itself, and we are proud to have amongst us the very finest advocates.

Conflict Resolution

Collaborative law and mediation are at the forefront of assisting parties to communicate and resolve their issues. Members of our team are spearheading a campaign to increase international mediation in particular with regard to parental kidnapping, irrespective of whether or not the countries in question are signatories to the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (the "Hague Convention".)

"Who would think there would still be the capacity for sorrow so long into this thing — I suppose it speaks to the capacity for love, and hope, and wanting to forgive and wanting to heal somehow, which I believe we are really all interested in, to one degree or another. Just the bottom line of wanting things to be alright, and to be free…of so much."

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